Tiny Home – Trailer Pickup

In March 2021, we picked up the trailer and frame to begin our build. Wow. And here I am almost a year and a month later writing about it. To say that I feel extremely lucky to be sitting here and sharing this tiny piece of my life is an understatement. I feel like we collectively are in such a state of trauma and unrest in the world currently, it felt silly to write about something that, by comparison, is just our personal pocket of joy. But sharing joy is important, so I’m sharing that here.

We scrimped and saved and went without a lot of cool objects we wanted to buy. Game systems, games, hobby items, etc. It was difficult, but the pandemic made it easier to not go out and spend money. We finally saved enough and reached out to Trailer Made Trailers in Colorado with the final design we had drafted with Randy. And the rest is still in progress. I’ll be sure to share that here. As always I’m more of a visual person than a writer. So naturally I’ve tried to document things with photo and video.


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